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Bodybuilding enthusiasts and fans are eagerly anticipating the Arnold Classic prejudging. The excitement is palpable, and this year’s competition promises to be one of the most thrilling yet. I can hardly contain my excitement to not only watch but be able to commentate at this year’s Arnold Classic alongside 7-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath.

I am no stranger at accurately predicting the top ten at the Olympia. In my opinion, I nailed it last time. I also believe that my predictions for the top five at the Arnold Classic are worth taking seriously. This year’s competition will be fierce, and everyone is gunning for the $300,000 prize and the prestigious Arnold Classic title.

My first pick for the top five is Shaun Clarida. Shaun may not be the biggest or heaviest competitor, but he is complete, with no weaknesses. Shaun will knock out the big mass monsters left and right and that is exactly why the 212 Mr. Olympia title belongs to him. If you don’t have Shaun in your top 5, you need to re-evaluate your picks.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Big Ramy is going through a rough patch, battling injuries and reaching the end of his career. However, I still believe that Big Ramy will make it into the top five. Big Ramy’s quads seem to be fixed, and his triceps are looking better. It will be tough for Big Ramy to knock out the likes of Andrew Jacked, Nick Walker, Samson Dauda, and William Bonak, but he will still place in the top five.

Next is Andrew Jacked, a relatively new pro bodybuilder who hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since he got the itch to become a bodybuilder. Andrew has the genetics and the right guidance to become Mr. Olympia, but I believe it’s too soon for Andrew to win the Arnold Classic title.

Another dangerous contender is Nick Walker, a previous Arnold Classic champion who did not participate in last year’s competition. I believe that Nick has the mental fortitude and the experience to win this year’s competition, and it will be challenging for anyone to beat him.

Finally, we can’t forget Samson Douda, who I believe has made more improvements than any other bodybuilder in the lineup. Samson can pose like no one else in the lineup, and if anyone is going to win the best poser award, it’s going to be him. However, I think Samson will fall short, but he can very well take 2nd place.

Ultimately, my picks are, Shaun Clarida will place fifth, followed by Big Ramy in fourth place, Andrew Jacked will take third place, with Samson Douda coming in second place and winning the best poser award. Therefore, Nick Walker will win the Arnold Classic title and the $300,000 prize.