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Today, we review the workout routine of a fellow fitness influencer, Noel Deyzel. Noel Deyzel is a South African fitness coach, businessman, social media star, and influencer. Noel is a sensation whose success is due to his discipline and ability to work around the challenges he faces, rather than complaining about them. Noel Deyzel posted a chest workout in Thailand that we will be diving into today.

There are a few takeaways after reviewing the video. When training, always warm up properly before heavy lifts, as it minimizes the risk of injuries. Also, don’t be afraid to try new exercises, even if your favorite influencers or coaches do not recommend them. I also advise viewers to figure out the right amount of rest between sets and to avoid wasting their workouts by rushing through them.

Noel could improve in some areas of his physique, such as working on his inner chest, upper chest, and arm details. Noel seems to have some imbalance in his upper body and needs to learn how to pose better to showcase his physique.

Noel grabbed some food from 7-Eleven during the video. However, I am reluctant to eat pre-packaged boiled chicken and rice. You can also notice from the video the massive pricing difference between the USA compared to Thailand. This is a big reason why many bodybuilders move to Thailand in order to financially excel and keep expenses as low as possible. However, unlike Noel’s choices, I recommend viewers to choose their food wisely and to invest in high-quality supplements, such as Old School Labs, where you can use code “NICKBS” to save on your next order!

Ultimately, Noel has an impressive physique and work ethic, and always reminds viewers that discipline, honesty, and hard work are crucial to achieving fitness goals. We always need to keep in mind that not a single person is perfect and, no matter the amount of following, physique or experience, we can all learn from one another and improve in every area of our lives.