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I am very concerned about the announcement of the Masters Olympia competition in 2023. The Masters Olympia is a bodybuilding competition for men and women over the age of 40. The competition has not been held since 2012, but it is set to make a comeback in Romania later this year. However, I am highly skeptical of its success, and have several reasons why this seems like a terrible idea.

My initial concern is the use of performance-enhancing drugs by the competitors. I believe that many of the athletes who will be competing in the Masters Olympia will use dangerous and illegal substances to get into top shape, putting their health at risk. Age can play a major factor in these competitors’ health especially if they retired for any health-related motives. Many of these competitors may be retired from bodybuilding due to injury or age-related issues as well. Pushing their bodies to the limit again could cause serious if not fatal harm and just seems so unnecessary.

Secondly, there is a massive lack of interest in the Masters division competition. There is little to no demand for a Masters Olympia, and very few people would be willing to pay to see older bodybuilders on stage. Also, the competition taking place in Romania, will unlikely draw a large crowd.

I am also worried about the low prize money for the competition. At the 2012 Masters Olympia, the prize money that was promised to competitors was not delivered, leaving many people highly disappointed. The prize money for this year’s competition is also insufficient, and it is not worth risking one’s health for such a small reward.

My concerns about the Masters Olympia are beyond reasonable, and it remains to be seen whether the competition will be successful. However, it is up to the competitors themselves to decide whether the risk of competing is worth the potential reward.