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Bodybuilding has always been a popular sport and an avenue to test one’s strength, endurance, and discipline. However, with every competition, there are always risks involved, especially when it comes to the use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs. In a video produced by Generation Iron, the abuse of Synthol in bodybuilding and fitness culture was the topic of discussion. The video featured a special guest, Victor Martinez, who talked about the pros and cons of Synthol, a carrier oil used to volumize muscles.

When making steroids, carrier oils such as cottonseed, grape seed, olive oil, or macadamia nut oil, are used to hold the drug in the steroid. Synthol, on the other hand, is a carrier oil that sticks to the muscle like glue and conforms to it, encapsulating the muscle and killing it. This makes Synthol very dangerous to use, and it serves no purpose other than to volumize a muscle for a short period of time.

Victor Martinez came in and shared that Synthol was initially used to touch up certain muscles before a competition. However, Synthol abuse is very different and often used irresponsibly. Synthol abuse is deadly, and bodybuilders should use it smartly, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to use it. Victor said that bodybuilders use it in smaller body parts, such as biceps, triceps, delts, traps, and calves. Larger body parts would take too much oil to volumize, making it almost impossible to do. The end result would be lumpy muscles that would look horrible.

Victor went on to reveal some of the famous bodybuilders who allegedly used Synthol. He mentioned Flex Wheeler, who had no calves for most of his career but suddenly showed up with huge calves that didn’t move or change shape when he flexed them. He also mentioned Mike Matarazzo, who had spectacular arms at the beginning of his career, but they became brickish and boxed rectangular with no definition or separation.

The conversation then shifted to the side effects of Synthol use. The biggest side effect was deflation, making the muscles look fake and abnormal. The oil could also go into the bloodstream, and if it broke off, it could cause a blood clot that could be fatal. The use of Synthol could also damage the liver and kidneys when it breaks down, but no tests could monitor or prove this.

When asked about the biggest Synthol abuser in bodybuilding history, Victor couldn’t single out anyone because many bodybuilders used it, and some used it better than others. However, he mentioned Ernie Taylor, whose arms were just obnoxious, and Greg Kovacs, who was just so big that it was hard to tell where he used Synthol.

Ultimately, the video aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of Synthol abuse and encourage bodybuilders to use it smartly or, if possible, not at all. While Synthol could volumize muscles, it is risky, and the end result is often unnatural and deadly. Instead, bodybuilders should put in the hard work, time, and dedication to sculpting their physiques without this unnecessary type of drug.