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Is something wrong with Chris Bumstead’s left bicep? There was a lot of speculation about Chris’ bicep this weekend. Today, we’ll be discussing Chris’ physique, this alleged injury, and what changed during this year’s Olympia prep.


The 2022 Olympia is the first year since Chris switched off from working with Iain Valliere. Chris is now working with none other than Hany Rambod. Nicknamed “The Pro Creator,” Hany is best known for his work with professional bodybuilding’s major names and as one of the foremost authorities in bodybuilding. Has Chris’ physique since his coach change gotten better, or worse?


Chris’ physique has a lot of differences. The first thing that stood out this year was his conditioning and muscle maturity. The most conditioned muscle groups of his physique this year were his chest, glutes, and quads. It was very obvious to see the level up in conditioning, particularly in those muscle groups. Overall, size and symmetry have remained consistent. Posing is excellent and Chris has virtually no weak poses. Hany seems to have delivered on his promises. Chris’ physique is far superior to the rest of the top competitors.


Regarding Chris’ bicep, Hany went on instagram live after the Olympia. In the video, we see how red and swollen Chris’ arm was. Allegedly, during the last couple of weeks of prep, Chris tore his bicep. It doesn’t seem that Chris needs surgery on it at this point in time. On stage, Chris’ arm looked odd but we had no information about any injuries. The arm did not look like a failed injection either. It seems like it was the result of a very recent bicep tear that, thankfully, did not fully detach and require surgery at least yet. If the bicep had a full tear, there is no way Chris would have been able to step on stage and flexed his arm as hard and look as good as he did this weekend.


Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!