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After Friday night’s Open class pre-judging, I had a very interesting theory as to why Big Ramy was not at Jim Manion’s guest posing event early this year. After all the rumors of failed travel, possible incarceration, and many others, what if Ramy did not appear because he was aware of the issues with his physique?


It is not far fetched to think that maybe Ramy did not show up because his physique was not 100%. Why would Ramy risk exposing himself right before the Olympia? Also, Big Ramy did not show his legs throughout the year, at all. Why would a 300lb off-season bodybuilder be so insecure about his lower body? Maybe it’s because what we saw on stage this weekend is something Big Ramy was aware and self-conscious of all along.


This theory makes more and more sense the more I think about it. As a competitor, you have to be blind to not see the decline of your physique over time. If you can’t be honest and realistic with your own progress photos, who’s going to do it for you? You cannot be a bodybuilder and ignore these things. You have to be a perfectionist when it comes to bodybuilding. You have full control of what you look like. Why isn’t anyone in his camp being honest, truthful, and transparent?


People were theorizing that the Olympia judges may have purposely dropped Big Ramy because of his failed appearance at the guest posing in Pittsburgh. That is ludicrous. Bodybuilding is a business just like every other professional sports association. A guest posing show is just another way to bring exposure to the athletes while making the sport more dynamic and interesting. This theory is absolutely absurd and shouldn’t even be up for discussion.


Let’s assume the guest posing miss never happened. Let’s pretend Big Ramy showed up to everything and this weekend’s results held up. Did Big Ramy get a fair placing? Did he deserve 5th place? Sadly, no. Samson Dauda and Andrew Jacked should have placed higher than Big Ramy, unfortunately. The judges were extra generous as he could have easily been placed 7th.


Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!