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The bodybuilding community is abuzz with excitement as 4-time Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Champion Chris Bumstead, makes an appearance on the Nelk Boys podcast.

The podcast includes Nelk, Chris, and Bradley Martyn. It seems like they had a lot to discuss before they even started recording the podcast. Bradley starts by asking Chris if he has a dark side. Chris admits that he does and adds that he’s written some jokes that would be considered gross by some people. This makes us wonder how dark Chris’ personality might be. What type of humor is Chris into that would seem offensive to some people? I guess we’ll never know.

The conversation then turns to Bradley’s physique, and Chris is asked if Bradley could have been a successful bodybuilder if he had taken competing seriously. Chris believes that Bradley could have done well, especially in the classic physique category. He points out that Bradley has great muscle bellies and symmetry, and if he had trained from the beginning of his fitness career like Chris did, he could have been pretty successful.

The video then takes a turn as Chris discusses his recent injury, a partial tear in his bicep, an injury we touched on in many videos post 2022 Mr. Olympia weekend. Chris Bumstead reveals that he was lucky that the tear was not a full tear off the bone and that his muscle bellies have short attachments on his biceps and triceps, which makes the tear less noticeable. Chris also mentions that he tore his quad last Olympia prep and is still paying for it.

Despite the lighthearted tone, the video gives viewers an inside look at the bodybuilding community and its personalities. In conclusion, this video provides a glimpse into the upcoming podcast featuring Chris Bumstead, Bradley Martyn, and the Nelk Boys.