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James English, a social media influencer and IFBB Pro, recently admitted to needing surgery after suffering a serious injury last season. James sustained an injury to his adductor longus, but was in denial about the severity of the injury and delayed getting the necessary surgery. He finally came around and admitted to needing surgery after receiving some advice from yours truly.

I had previously given James a hard time for attempting a personal record in a deadlift with an injured leg. I criticized James for training through the injury and feeding his ego, and warned him of the potential consequences. While I can come across as abrasive, James and I have a good relationship off the record and English understands where Tragilli was coming from.

James eventually went to see a specialist and it was determined that he had a chronic tear of his adductor longus. The muscle was torn in the middle, making it difficult for James to perform certain exercises. Surgery was needed to repair the tear, but James was still uncertain about the severity of the injury. A high-resolution ultrasound confirmed the tear and James scheduled his surgery for early to mid next month.

The recovery time for upper body surgery is three weeks, which isn’t too bad, but for lower body surgery, it will be 8 to 12 weeks. During this time, James will be doing physical therapy to aid in the healing process. He plans to take the recovery process seriously and won’t rush it, despite using growth hormone and peptides to help speed up the recovery.

When recovering, it’s very important to take the proper supplements, eat the right foods at the right time, and pay attention to any pain or discomfort in order to avoid injuries stacking up against you. Physical Therapy is also crucial in the recovery process, as scar tissue starts to develop as soon as surgery is over.

James isn’t worried about getting back to where he was before the injury, as he believes muscle memory is magical and will help him regain his size and strength. However, he plans to take things slow and restrain his body from the ground up to avoid any further injuries.

Overall, James and I see eye-to-eye when it comes to taking injuries seriously and addressing them promptly. It is crucial for bodybuilders who want to avoid setbacks in their careers to be very careful and meticulous when recovering from injuries. With proper care and patience, James should make a full recovery and be back in the gym in no time.