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The Big Ramy Drama continues. Ramy’s coach, Dennis James, turned to instagram and showed no accountability for Big Ramy’s placing over the weekend at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. This is a total low blow to Chad Nichols. He did not tag Chad in the post and he shows photos of Big Ramy where he claims Big Ramy’s physique looked fine days before the Olympia.


The photos Dennis shared do show the weaknesses we saw over the weekend, despite Dennis’ claims that they don’t. Why is Dennis not acknowledging or even able to see the issues? This is very concerning. The photos show us the same exact issues that we saw on stage; the triceps, the quads, and the back atrophy. It should be very obvious that under contest conditions, the oil, tan, lighting, and depletion, these issues will be amplified on stage. If Dennis can’t see the issues apparent in the images he posted, he should not be a bodybuilder, let alone a coach.


Dennis James then fires a low blow at Chad Nichols. He writes that judging by the pictures he posted, maybe we’ll hear from Chad as to why Big Ramy didn’t look his best this weekend. This is an extremely low blow and should have been handled very differently. Dennis should have spoken to Chad directly. Dennis was there for all the praise and glory when Big Ramy was winning, but the moment something goes wrong he starts pointing fingers and denouncing any sort of accountability? 


Mr. Olympia’s Instagram page also posted a 1-week-out posing video of Big Ramy where most people seem to think that Big Ramy does not exhibit the issues we saw over the weekend. During the front relaxed pose, the quadriceps dents are visible. Again, these issues are amplified and more noticeable under contest conditions. As Big Ramy turns, you can see the atrophy in the triceps and slight inflammation in the glutes. The conditioning, however, did look better on this video, which means Ramy might not have peaked well last week. Although Chad clearly did a good job when it comes to conditioning, the same issues we saw magnified over the weekend are still there regardless of the conditioning. 

Watch the full video below!