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Hadi Choopan won the 2022 Mr. Olympia this past weekend. During his winning speech, he spoke about how he won this title for the “Iranian women” and that he wants all “Iranian women to have equal rights.” This is very concerning since a lot of professional Iranian athletes have recently shared the same opinion and were either jailed or disappeared.  


Hadi Choopan, the Iranian professional bodybuilder and 2022 Mr Olympia, made a lot of progress. He started in the 212 category and absolutely demolished everyone and got moved up to the open class by coach and bodybuilder, Hany Rambod. Hadi has been getting way better and his conditioning has been incredible. This is the biggest and fullest we have ever seen Hadi. Everything was bigger and better from Hadi this year.


After Hadi Choopan won the 2022 Mr Olympia Saturday night, he made an amazing speech. As some of you may know, Iranian citizens have been being executed for speaking out against the government and also speaking out against women’s rights. Hadi talked about this during his speech and put himself in a lot of danger for saying that. This is very concerning for his safety and whether or not his family will be okay or even if he’ll be allowed back into Iran.


Another issue is, how is the United States fanbase going to respond to having an Iranian bodybuilder as the Champion and core of bodybuilding. Hadi seems very similar to Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder Big Ramy and all the speed bumps he faced, and not being able to speak English or live here is a big problem. Hopefully, Hany Rambod has a better plan for Hadi Choopan being in Iran and hopefully, we see and hear from our 2022 Mr Olympia on a consistent basis.