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Does Derek know anything about training? During what seems to be a country wide podcast tour for Derek from the wildly popular More Plates More Dates YouTube Channel, after exposing the Liver King for using steroids, Derek was featured on a Zack Telander workout vlog earlier this week. 


Zack Telander is a coach for Juggernaut Training Systems, in addition to being a nationally competitive heavyweight lifter. What is special about Zack’s vlog and collaboration is that we have never seen Derek train before, so this was a very unique opportunity to gauge his form and overall knowledge.


Derek is widely known for scientifically analyzing supplement formulas, a young entrepreneur who has built a presence in the self-improvement and fitness niches via his blog and social media platforms, and for being one of the most “trusted” sources for information regarding performance-enhancing drugs and SARMs. However, during their back workout, many interesting aspects of their training knowledge and technique were discussed and portrayed.


During a lat pulldown, the exercise is described and performed with very suboptimal technique. In transition, we get a glimpse of Derek’s leg development, which shows to be severely lagging in comparison to his upper body. Derek continues to describe workout related information that is absolutely incorrect and misleading.

Other than this vlog, Derek is mostly known for his “Death Star” shoulder muscle development. However, some shots taken during the vlog show us that the very prevalent side deltoids he is known for, is mostly expert camera angle manipulation when he produces his content. His shoulders do not show much impressive development in this vlog as anticipated.


As a result of this, we have witnessed that Derek excels in the areas of dismantling supplement formulas, talking about ingredients, and exposing people like Liver King but should abstain from discussing and leave the training, nutrition, and other areas to yours truly, Mr. BS.


Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!