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Derek from More Plates More Dates, commented on my last video of me joking about the workout video posted by Zach Telander. In their vlog, Derek showed his knowledge of training through their back workout. Zach Telander, a coach for Juggernaut Training Systems and nationally competitive powerlifter, also had things to say as he sent me a direct message in response to the video.

Derek seems to be upset from my video, playing the victim while being known for doing the exact same thing in his YouTube channel. Derek’s whole claim to fame is calling people out, telling people if they are natty or not, breaking down other people’s formulas, talking about celebrities skipping leg day, losing their hair, getting fat, etc. He has body shamed famous american bodybuilders, fitness models, and social media celebrities. As an example, Derek called out Jeff Seid for gaining wait and looking “like a whale”.

Despite Derek’s long history of criticism, he showed extreme intolerance to my observation of his legs looking small during their workout vlog. Derek’s suboptimal leg development has been a point of discussion for years before I pointed them out, so why all the defensiveness?

Did I do anything different then what Derek does on his channel?

Derek claims the following when referring to the vlog with Zach:

“This wasn’t for my channel, and was never intended to be an instructional of any sort whatsoever. It’s Zack’s vlog and he asked me to be in it, and I said sure. It’s not that deep dude.”

I never claimed Derek was an expert trainer, nor myself, the video was made in a playful demeanor to discuss the publicly posted vlog. I just stated the obvious, and said what everyone was thinking while watching that video.

What do you think of Derek and his video with Zach?

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!