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Derek Lunsford quickly became a fan favorite in the bodybuilding community, but Derek didn’t achieve his success alone. He’s been guided every step of the way by renowned coach Hany Rambod, who has helped him develop his impressive physique and reach new heights in his career. Hany is known as “The Pro Creator” for his ability to help bodybuilders and fitness models achieve their full potential. He has worked with top athletes in the industry, and his training methods have been proven to produce impressive results. Together, Derek and Hany make a powerful team, and they’re sure to continue making waves in the bodybuilding world.


It’s really unfortunate to hear that Derek decided he is not doing the Arnold Classic and it’s really disappointing to see how many people wanted to see Derek do this show. He had such a long offseason last year and is now taking off again to the next Olympia, which is in November. I believe it would be a great idea for him to do the Arnold Classic, because he just had a 14-month-long off-season, so why would he not diet down for eight weeks and do this show to potentially win another title, $200,000, and launch his career to a whole new level?


These competitors should not let their coaches discourage them, as if they want to do the show, then they should definitely do it. Derek is in his 20’s and won the 212 Mr Olympia last year and placed second in this year’s Open class Mr Olympia. He’s injury free, looks amazing, and there’s nobody right now that he can’t beat. To absolutely walk away from this title and not doing this show is just ridiculous.


Derek mentions his main goal is becoming the 2023 Mr Olympia, but if he could figure out a plan to win the Arnold Classic and 2023 Mr Olympia, then he will definitely do so. In my opinion, Derek shouldn’t be rushing as he just placed second in his second time doing the Olympia. Most people dream of making it to the Olympia, let alone winning. Derek is trying to do and accomplish something very difficult, too quickly. He has his entire career to make improvements and he should definitely be taking on these shows as he’s healthy, young, fresh, hungry, and motivated.


Derek has got to realize he is a unique individual in this situation, as he’s very dominant in the sport. The chances of him going to this Arnold Classic now and losing are very slim to none. Even if he doesn’t try, he can still show up to Arnold and win. Derek has such a big opportunity here and should definitely take it for the experience, title, and prize money.

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