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Michael Krizo talks about how he feels post Olympia and discusses Brandon Curry, Iain Valliere, Blessing Awodibu, Nick Walker, Derek Lunsford, and more! 


Krizo speaks about Brandon Curry’s impressive physique, but points out that the conditioning was way off. Krizo thought Iain was a D*ck, but says he’s a lot better in person. Krizo also says Blessing is a great guy, despite Blessing’s smack talk during the press conference and his poor placing last month.


The 2022 Olympia press conference was boring, no one learned anything about the bodybuilders, as they didn’t want to interact with each other. The Olympia organization should do some type of interaction with the fans and the bodybuilders after the Olympia, not before they step on stage. Before they step on stage, the athletes are tired, severely depleted, and still preparing their bodies for one of the most important moments of their careers.


Derek seemed to impress the fans by keeping his physique covered throughout the year and delivering on all his promises. Derek was amazing from behind, but Hadi Choopan beat him from the front and Hadi was also much denser from the side profiles. Nick was very focused on what he needed to do, and he delivered once again. Fifth last year, third this year and always coming back with more improvements. 


These competitors are done competing for now. They’re going into their rebound phase, which is very important for muscle growth. Michael Krizo revealed his physique during his rebound phase and he looks impressive. I gave Krizo a lot of criticism going into this year’s Olympia, but he did make some improvements. However, Krizo’s tan was not dark enough and he needs to go tanning before he competes next time.


Michael Krizo has confirmed that his rebound is going very well, and he is making sure he qualifies for the Olympia next year. I think Krizo will get redemption next year if he makes the right improvements to his physique, his posing, and his tan.

Watch the full video below !