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Austin Butler played Elvis Presley in a movie and had to sacrifice his body to become the iconic King of Rock & Roll. Austin had to eat, breathe, and live like Elvis Presley to get the lead role. It was particularly challenging for Butler to bulk up and gain weight to look like an older Elvis Presley who was unhealthy and overweight. However, Butler did an excellent job playing Elvis Presley and knocked it out of the park. The discussion today is about the sacrifices actors make to become mainstream actors, and how they have to sacrifice their bodies to get a lead role.

It is impressive that people in the fitness industry take their health and fitness careers seriously, and make a lot of sacrifices every day to stay healthy. They cook their food, watch their macros, and buy organic and natural products. Actors like Butler, on the other hand, have to do this for a temporary position in a movie, and they find it exhausting and hard. 

We have seen this pattern over and over again when looking through the plethora of actors that go through these kinds of transformations. Actors such as Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Zach Efron, and many more. These actors have to eat a lot of calories and food all day long to bulk up. Only a small percentage of people in the world can take their health and fitness consistently, seriously, and it is even a smaller subset of that percentage when it comes to people who compete. 

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