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Chris Bumstead, widely known as “Cbum”, the four-time Classic Physique Mr.Olympia champion, recently posted a training video on his YouTube channel where he was seen bench pressing. This raised concerns among fans and critics as just a few months ago, Chris tore his bicep and underwent stem cell therapy to recover. In the video, Cbum admitted that he had not done bench press training in a very long time, and had been drinking and eating junk food over the weekend, leading up to the workout.

I am extremely concerned about Chris’ decision to bench press, given his recent injury and the lack of preparation before the workout. Bench pressing is not good for the joints, especially the shoulder and front delts, and it puts pressure on the muscles, increasing the risk of injury. He also was not well recovered and prepared to train that way after a weekend of un-bounded junk food and alcohol consumption.

Using machines, cables, and unilateral movements to isolate the chest and avoid putting unnecessary stress on the joints is a much better option for Chris. Getting your nutrition under control is also extremely important in order to perform your best in the gym and avoid injury. The video sparked a debate among fans, with some defending Cbum’s decision, saying that he knows his body and what he can handle. Others criticized him for taking unnecessary risks, given his status as the reigning champion and the potential career-ending implications of an injury.

Chris has not responded to the criticism, but he has previously said that he is focused on his goals and is willing to take risks to achieve them. As he prepares for his fifth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title defense, fans and critics alike will be watching closely to see if he continues to bench press, putting himself at unnecessary risk of injury, or if he opts for the safer alternatives such as machines and cables, alongside proper diet and recovery.