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The 2023 Arnold Classic brought in some of the biggest bodybuilding legends in the industry. The line-up was dominated by athletes such as Big Ramy and Shaun Clarida, who created quite a buzz with their performances. Many spectators were anticipating a showdown between the two bodybuilders, and they got their wish when they were compared for fifth and fourth place at the Arnold Classic.

The faceoff between Ramy and Shaun was reminiscent of when Lou Ferrigno and Flavio competed against each other in 1993. The photos of the two standing next to each other became legendary, and so will the photo of Big Ramy & Shaun Clarida. This moment will be immortalized in the history of bodybuilding.

While the photos between the two were the highlight of the event, the competition itself was intense. Clarida, who weighs only 180 pounds, was up against Big Ramy, who is one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world at 306 pounds. The question on everyone’s mind was whether Big Ramy could redeem himself after taking fifth place at the Olympia. Additionally, could Clarida win the Arnold Classic and place in the top five at the Olympia?

During the show, the judges were comparing Big Ramy and Shaun Clarida for fourth and fifth place, and I believe that Shaun had one of the best physiques on the show. I think that Big Ramy needs to regroup and work on his imbalances before the 2023 Olympia. I also think that Shaun should stick to the 212 division, where he has a better chance of winning for many years to come.

In conclusion, the 2023 Arnold Classic was a great event, and the showdown between Big Ramy and Shaun Clarida was the highlight of the show. Do you agree with their respective placings? Do you think Shaun could have edged out Ramy?