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The bodybuilding community has been shocked by the disappearance of Eddie Von Moger, the younger brother of Callum Von Moger. Eddie, 28, vanished last Thursday and has not been seen since. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear, but it is known that he was struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Eddie and his brother Callum are both well-known in the bodybuilding world, with Callum having had his own struggles with addiction in the past. In recent years, Callum has turned his life around and has been working to rebuild his career and personal life. However, the news of his brother’s disappearance has undoubtedly been a setback for him.

The family is based in Geelong, Australia, and it was there that Eddie’s abandoned car was found on the side of the road with the door open. It is not known if Eddie had broken down or if he had left the car deliberately. There are concerns that Eddie may have taken his own life or that he may have been harmed in some way.

The news of Eddie’s disappearance has prompted a massive search effort, with the police and mainstream news outlets involved in the search. Callum has also appealed to his millions of followers on Instagram for help in finding his brother.

The bodybuilding community has been rallying around the Von Moger family, with many expressing their concern and support for Callum and his family. However, there are also concerns that Eddie’s disappearance highlights the dangers of substance abuse and mental health issues in the bodybuilding world.

As the search for Eddie continues, the bodybuilding community will be hoping for a positive outcome and a safe return for Eddie. The Von Moger family will undoubtedly be grateful for the support and prayers of their fans and colleagues during this difficult time.