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Men’s Classic Physique Prejudging has concluded and it comes down to 6 competitors. Chris Bumstead, Ramon Dino, Terrence Ruffin, Urs Kalecinski, Breon Ansley and Mike Sommerfield. 

Terrence Ruffin the IFBB Professional bodybuilder from Beatrice, Alabama, looks like he will be rounding out the top 6, he has never dropped that many places. He looked very good but was too small compared to the other five competitors, who are very tall and aesthetic. Terrence was in shape but didn’t get the same look as last year.

IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Germany, Urs Kalecinski was very improved and one of the best conditioned competitors. He built more muscle, had very paper thin skin, and brought up his arms, back, and upper body. Urs will soon be a Mr. Olympia Champion.

The final 2 standing today were 3-time Classic Physique Champion from Canada, Chris Bumstead, otherwise known as CBUM, and Ramon Dino the IFBB Pro from Brazil. 

I predict second place will be for Ramon Dino, the IFBB Pro Brazilian bodybuilder. Ramon showed up to battle and could arguably walk away with this 2022 Mr. Olympia title. He has an amazing physique and brought up his back, legs, and improved every area of his physique.

Finally, CBUM was being very quiet this year, barely showing his physique leading up to the Olympia, but showed up with one of the best versions we have ever seen of him. He had amazing conditioning and was spot on. Even with his leg injury, while flexing he didn’t seem in pain or uncomfortable, and even with the little lump on his quad, I don’t think it will cost him the show. Once again he might walk away with another title.

If CBUM does win do you think he’ll come back again?

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!