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We have a new Mr.Olympia, Hadi Choopan from Iran! Big Ramy took 5th, Derek Lunsford took 2nd place, Nick Walker 3rd place , Brandon Curry 4th place, and Samson Dauda 6th place.


The Iranian professional bodybuilder, Hadi Choopan, from the 212 division, worked through all his issues to get to the top of the open class, and is now the best in the world. Although Hadi came out as the 2022 Mr Olympia, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Derek Lunsford, who was also from the 212 division, was right up there with Hadi and looked absolutely incredible.


Not so far behind Derek was open division bodybuilder from the United States, Nick Walker. Nick was able to move up from 5th place to 3rd place this year and also looked amazing. Nick made a lot of improvements in his physique, and once again showed people not to count him out.


Brandon Curry, american professional bodybuilder who competes in the men’s open bodybuilding division in the IFBB pro league, came in fourth place, which was generously given by the judges, as I believe Samson Dauda should have taken that fourth spot. Brandon had great shape but wasn’t really on point like the other guys. Brandon’s physique doesn’t really seem to be getting better. If anything, it seems as if his physique is declining. 


Former champ Big Ramy took fifth place. This has to be one of the biggest Mr. Olympia declines in one calendar year, ever. Big Ramy dominated last year and dropped so many spots this year to a bunch of new competitors. He didn’t really come in with a good physique or package tonight, and has nerve damage which is irreversible. 


Professional bodybuilder and fitness model, Samson Dauda, came in 6th place. Samson deserves an athlete of the year award for most progress made in a single year. Hunter Labrada, american bodybuilder from Texas, dropped from fourth to seventh this year. Hunter needs to figure out what to improve on, as there are a lot of new guys like Andrew Jacked, who looked phenomenal, and will be a real threat to the top 6 in the coming years. 


Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!