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Eddie Hall, renowned for his incredible strength as a strongman, has set his sights on a new challenge: bodybuilding. However, his journey towards becoming a competitive bodybuilder seems to be hindered by one major obstacle—his weight. In a recent video, Coach Reagan sheds light on Eddie Hall’s current state and explains why his chances of succeeding in bodybuilding are slim without addressing his weight and conditioning. This article examines the video and explores the significance of weight loss and proper conditioning for aspiring bodybuilders.
Coach Reagan emphasizes the importance of weight loss for Eddie Hall. Despite Eddie’s visible abdominal muscles, it is crucial to understand that fat can be present internally, even if it is not visible on the surface. Eddie carries a significant amount of body fat, particularly in his love handle area, which is indicative of his overall obesity. To achieve the desired level of bodybuilding conditioning, Eddie needs to embark on a weight loss journey and reduce his body fat percentage significantly.
Coach Reagan highlights that bodybuilding is not just about lifting heavy weights or following a rigorous training routine. It is a sport that demands strict discipline and commitment to a well-structured diet. Eddie’s continuous focus on bulking and consuming excessive calories hinders his progress in achieving the necessary conditioning for bodybuilding competitions. Unlike other sports, bodybuilding requires a 24/7 dedication to maintaining a strict diet to achieve the desired level of leanness and muscle definition.
To succeed as a bodybuilder, Eddie Hall must shift his focus from bulking to cutting. This involves going on a calorie-restricted diet and maintaining a consistent calorie deficit to shed excess body fat. Coach Reagan recommends Eddie to follow a diet plan, such as the one outlined in his own cookbook, to ensure he consumes the appropriate amount of calories for weight loss. By adhering to a well-structured diet, Eddie can effectively lose weight and attain the necessary conditioning for bodybuilding competitions.
Eddie Hall faces numerous challenges on his bodybuilding journey. Firstly, his current physique necessitates an extensive period of weight loss before even beginning a competition-preparation diet. Coach Reagan suggests a four to six-month period for Eddie to achieve the baseline conditioning required to embark on a proper bodybuilding diet. Secondly, Eddie’s personal affinity for food and his love for eating present additional challenges. Overcoming these challenges will require a profound mindset shift and a commitment to dietary discipline.
While Eddie Hall has hired professional bodybuilding coaches to refine his posing and routines, Coach Reagan believes that the missing piece of the puzzle lies in his diet and conditioning. While Eddie may idolize bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is crucial for him to understand that true bodybuilding success lies in discipline and adherence to a proper diet plan. Coach Reagan asserts that his own cookbook and guidance can provide Eddie with the necessary tools to achieve his goals.
Eddie Hall’s aspiration to become a bodybuilder is an ambitious endeavor. However, his current weight and lack of proper conditioning pose significant challenges on his path to success. To achieve the desired level of leanness and muscle definition required for bodybuilding competitions, Eddie must prioritize weight loss and adopt a disciplined dieting approach. With the right guidance and a determined mindset, Eddie can transform his physique and take significant strides towards realizing his dreams in the world of bodybuilding.