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In the world of bodybuilding, tensions are high as Fouad Abiad, a popular former bodybuilder and podcast host, responds to recent comments made by Chris “Psycho” Lewis. Lewis, who appeared on RX Muscle with coach Chris Aceto, called out Abiad and the guys on the “Bro Chat” podcast for doubting the potential of bodybuilder Andrew Jacked. Lewis insinuated that Abiad and others were talking smack about Andrew’s physique, leading to a heated response from Abiad.

In a recent episode of “Bro Chat” by Fouad Abiad Media, Fouad addressed Lewis’s statements, stating that he had gone back and watched every episode of the podcast for the last two months to find anything that could be considered negative towards Andrew’s physique. Fouad concluded that he couldn’t find anything, suggesting that Lewis’s comments were baseless.

However, Lewis’s intention may have been to drum up more attention for Andrew, as Abiad suggests. By calling out Ffouad and appearing on popular bodybuilding podcasts, Lewis may be increasing Andrew’s name recognition and drawing more attention to his physique. Fouad admits that this is a smart move, and that Lewis may be playing the game of bodybuilding politics.

The tension between Fouad and Lewis also spills over to my coverage of their feud. Fouuad states that I’ve been pushing a narrative that he hates Andrew, but Fouaad argues that this is not the case. I am simply doing my job as a journalist, covering the news and commenting on it. I critique every bodybuilder’s physique, not just Andrews.

Fouad and Lewis’ feud may be more about drawing attention to Andrew’s physique and increasing his name recognition in the bodybuilding world. As the 2023 Arnold Classic approaches, it will be interesting to see how Andrew’s physique shapes up and whether he can silence his critics with a title win.