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Hunter Labrada, a renowned bodybuilder and Olympian, has recently adopted a new off-season diet consisting of whole foods, according to a video he posted online. In past years, Hunter adopted the odd diet of blending whole foods into shakes and consuming them in liquid form. However, in this newly released video, he explains that he has replaced protein shakes with chicken, steak, and rice.

Hunter believes that his previous diet was hurting his physique and that the shakes may have contributed to his lackluster performance at the Olympia last year. This is something that I have been hammering on and trying to help Hunter change since I first heard of this new practice he had adopted. Thankfully, his new diet comprises two chicken meals, one beef meal, one salmon meal, and two protein shake meals. He has also switched to air-fried chicken and made sure to pay attention to how he cooks his food and what seasonings he uses. This is a very important and good change by Hunter Labrada.

Hunter’s new diet has excited the bodybuilding community, particularly since he plans to compete in two shows before the 2023 Olympia this year. He aims to refine his physique, add size to specific areas, and pay more attention to his digestion and waistline. Hunter admits that his primary goal this season is not to get bigger or gain size, but to present an entirely new midsection and overall package on stage. Hunter believes that he will be able to achieve this goal by sticking to his new diet and refining his training regimen. I absolutely agree with Hunter and I know this diet change, long overdue, will improve his physique and enhance his career performance.

Overall, Hunter’s new off-season diet has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among the bodybuilding community. Many are eager to see how his new diet will impact his performance and physique during the upcoming shows. I wish Hunter the best of luck and look forward to seeing the changes this new diet will bring to his physique.