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Open Division Mr. Olympia Competitor & IFBB Pro, Rafael Brandão was featured in an OlympiaTV interview last week, alongside Samson Dauda, Kamal El Gargni, Robert Chick, Shawn Ray and Terrick El Guindy. In that interview, many current Olympia competitors including Brandon Curry, Nick Walker, Hunter Labrada and even former Olympia competitor Fouad Abiad were mentioned and some were outright called out.

A couple of weeks prior to the interview, 2019 Mr. Olympia Champion Brandon Curry went on Fouad Abiad’s Podcast where they discussed the upcoming 2022 Mr. Olympia which is taking place on December 15th-18th in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that podcast, Brandon Curry mentioned that he believed Rafael Brandao could possibly place top 5 at the 2022 Open Class Mr. Olympia, a statement Fouad Abiad strongly disagreed with. 

In the OlympiaTV interview, Terrick El Guindy asked Rafael Brandao his opinion on Fouad’s comments while conversing with Brandon Curry. Rafael had a very honest and raw reaction to it which he ended with the statement, “…..I’m going to shock the world.”

Top 5 placing is totally plausible for Rafael Brandao as long as he increases his muscle mass and brings back his trademark conditioning. Alongside his elite genetic potential, there’s no doubt that he can battle it out with the best of the best in the Open Class. Rafael has the potential to remain prevalent in the Mr. Olympia competition for years to come.

“Can you [Rafael] beat Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada?” asks Terrick El Guindy. Other than size, which Nick and Hunter are very prevalent in, Rafael is absolutely correct in believing that he can do it. Rafael Brandao is one of the most dangerous dark horses in the open class, alongside Samson Douda. If they are on point at the Olympia, Rafael and Samson have the potential to sneak up to the top 10 and shock the world.

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