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American bodybuilder, personal trainer, actor, and model, Mike O’hearn was a guest on Generation Iron‘s podcast and spoke about the Liver King getting exposed for using steroids. In the podcast, Mike O’hearn provides his perspective and thoughts on the recently viral Liver King drama.


In recent days, the opinion that Mike O’hearn should confess that he is or has used performance enhancing drugs has been wildly encouraged. The thought that this is a good idea or beneficial for Mike O’hearn is far from reasonable. How would Mike O’hearn benefit from coming clean right now that is different from the past 50 years of his allegedly “Natural” career? There is not a single benefit from him potentially coming clean now.


Mike O’hearn has been in the industry for decades. He has never been caught like Liver King did. Mike has never been exposed by anyone and every time he’s asked about this topic, he relentlessly denies it. Liver King lied and deceived his audience for a year and a half, got caught and confessed within 72 hours. Liver King cannot be comparable to Mike O’hearn in any way.


On the Liver King topic, whether Liver King is natural or not, should it affect his supplement sales? This topic is up for debate. Liver King promotes what are primarily nutritional supplements to enhance and supplement diets which would otherwise require prominent consumption of raw meat and other wildly unappetizing food sources. Whether Liver King is taking PEDs or not, the supplements he promotes have little to nothing to do with direct muscle building potential.


Nevertheless, do you think public opinion is correct? Should Mike O’hearn come forward if he is using steroids? Does Mike O’hearn have anything to gain if he comes clean now about his performance-enhancing drug use?


Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!