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In the world of bodybuilding, the judging process is often a topic of controversy. In this video we tackled the subject of whether or not judges are influenced by social media. We also review a clip from a discussion on Fouad Abiad Media’s “Bro Chat” podcast, where the hosts debated whether judges were affected by the opinions of fans on social media.
The topic is particularly relevant to the Arnold and Olympia bodybuilding competitions, which are two-day shows with prejudging on one day and a finals competition on the next. I have a lot of concern that judges could be influenced by what they see on social media during the overnight break between competitions.

There are also flaws in the judging system itself. While there are typically many judges at these competitions, the head judge is the only one who makes the callouts. I believe that all judges should have an equal opportunity to see and compare competitors, and suggest that the system needs to be rethought to ensure fairness.

However, I acknowledge that the subjectivity of bodybuilding means that there is always a certain level of influence from outside factors. The judges cannot help but be influenced by what they see and hear, whether it is on social media or at the competition itself. As James mentioned, it is very important to bring your best package to the stage and not worry about what others look like. Every competitor has their own strengths and weaknesses and must find the right balance between them.

Overall, the discussion highlighted the complexities of the judging process in bodybuilding. While there is no perfect solution to ensure complete objectivity, it is clear that steps must be taken to ensure that judges are not unduly influenced by external factors. The sport of bodybuilding requires a fair and transparent judging process to ensure that the best athlete wins, and that is something that all involved in the industry should strive for.