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Bodybuilding fans were recently treated to a heated debate on the topic of testosterone hormone therapy, or TRT, when Iain Valliere, a professional bodybuilder and IFBB Pro, expressed his strong opinion against the practice. I strongly disagree with Iain’s stance and argue that TRT is essential for maintaining healthy hormone levels as one gets older.

Iain’s opinion was sparked by a question from a fan on Instagram, who asked whether most men need TRT as they age. Iain replied with a firm “no,” stating that hormonal decline is a natural process and that people aren’t supposed to feel like they’re 25 when they’re 65. I, on the other hand, disagreed with Iain and argued that TRT was necessary to help people feel good and maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age.

I gave my personal experience with TRT, stating that I take it to feel young and to maintain a healthy body. I want to be able to wake up feeling energized, have a great sex life with my wife, and continue lifting weights and being physically active. By neglecting one’s hormones as you age, you’re essentially neglecting your body’s needs, which can lead to various health issues.

Iain is a lifetime steroid abuser, and it is hypocritical for him to be against TRT. As an elite level professional bodybuilder, to achieve Iain’s level of muscularity and physique, one must abuse drugs, including steroids. TRT is just another form of hormone replacement therapy and far less dangerous than most professional bodybuilder steroid cycles.

In conclusion, the TRT debate sheds light on the importance of hormone replacement therapy and its role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as one ages. While we have different opinions on the matter, the conversation highlights the importance of listening to one’s body and figuring out what works best for you as you age.