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6-time IFBB Champion, Guy Cisterino and Open Bodybuilding Mr. Olympia competitor Nick “The Mutant” Walker are starting a new podcast! Guy Cisterino went on Flex Lewis’ podcast and confirmed it will be co-hosted by Nick Walker. As far as the podcast name, it’s unknown for now, but the first episode should be dropped within the next few weeks, per Guy Cisterino. Hopefully, we get to see it drop before Nick Walker steps on stage at the 2022 Mr. Olympia on December 15-18th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As exciting as this podcast announcement sounds, this move might affect Fouad Abiad’s podcast “Bro Chat” drastically. As owner of Hosstile Supplements, Fouad Abiad has shown in the past to sever ties with any sponsor conflict of interest, as we’ve seen with Nick Walker. We have also seen individuals discontinue involvement with Fouad Abiad Media as soon as they branch out into other ventures. There seems to be an exclusivity requirement whenever individuals are involved with Fouad Abiad Media.

Nick Walker parted ways with Hosstile Supplements earlier this year and is now working with HD muscle. The relationship and state of Nick and Fouad’s friendship is unknown. Guy Cisterino and Nick Walker’s new venture could certainly create some animosity with Guy’s involvement in Fouad’s podcast. As we have seen in the past, any individual that has parted ways with Hosstile Supplements or branched out into other ventures does not return to Fouad Abiad’s “Bro Chat ”.Will Guy Cisterino co-host both “Bro Chat” and his own podcast with Nick simultaneously?

Will history repeat itself and Guy’s podcast with Nick create tension and force Guy Cisterino to cut ties with Fouad Abiad Media?

Guy Cisterino seems to think he will continue his involvement with Fouad Abiad Media while he branches into his own ventures, but only time will tell….

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details and my thoughts on the new podcast!