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In this interview, we talked to coach Bryan Troianello about his coaching relationship with bodybuilder Hunter Labrada. Bryan reveals that he first started coaching Hunter in 2016, and their coaching relationship was very successful. However, things began to change when Hunter started seeing another coach named Ben Chao behind Bryan’s back. Bryan was shocked to find out about this and confronted Hunter, who admitted to seeing Ben but said that he was only helping him with posing. Bryan was skeptical of this explanation and confronted Ben, who lied to his face about coaching Hunter. Despite this, Hunter continued to see Ben and eventually left Bryan to work with him instead.

Bryan also talks about Hunter’s previous coach, Andrew Vu, and how Hunter was still getting diets and programs from him even while he was working with Bryan. Bryan says that he didn’t know about this until after the 2020 Olympia, which was the last competition that he coached Hunter for. Bryan also talks about how he met Hunter’s now-wife, Liv, and started coaching her as well.

The interview then goes on to discuss the 2020 and 2021 competition seasons, during which Hunter and Liv were still coached by Bryan. However, Bryan reveals that he and Hunter stopped talking before the 2021 Olympia, which took place in October of that year. He says that there was a shift in their texts from positive and friendly to more negative, and that they only trained together briefly after the North Americans competition, which took place in September of that year. The reason for their falling out is not clear from the interview.

The tension between Hunter and Bryan continued to escalate, with Hunter frequently fighting with his partner and causing disruptions during training sessions. Finally, just a few weeks before the competition, Hunter sent a message to Bryan, stating that he could no longer train with him and that he would be working with another coach.

This came as a shock to Bryan, who had no idea that Hunter was planning on leaving him. Despite this, he gave Hunter the space he asked for and continued to support him in any way he could. However, things took a turn for the worse when Bryan found out that Hunter had been working with another coach during the Olympia.

Bryan was hurt that Hunter had not been upfront with him about his intentions and that he had been kept in the dark about his athlete’s plans. Furthermore, he was surprised that no one in his circle had informed him that Hunter was working with someone else. This revelation made him feel embarrassed and shocked that he had been walking around the Olympia not knowing that his athlete was with another coach.

The conversation then turned to a text message that Hunter had sent to Bryan before the Olympia, which had caused a rift between them. Bryan explained that he had tried to give Hunter advice about a girl, but it had backfired and caused tension between them. He had then found out that Hunter had been talking to Ben about it instead of coming to him.

Throughout the interview, Bryan emphasized that he had always been there for Hunter and had never let their personal issues affect their coaching business. But when he found out that Hu