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Today, we discuss the animosity between Bryan Troianello and Hunter Labrada. It all started two years ago when Hunter Labrada went on Fouad Abiad’s YouTube channel and did an interview with his new coach, Ben Chao. That video was posted on Olympia weekend, the same weekend that Bryan and Hunter were allegedly working together. Ryan found out that weekend that they were no longer working together because Hunter broke the news on Fouad Abiad’s channel with his new coach, Ben Chao. That’s how Bryan discovered that Hunter left their professional relationship and their friendship, which was as close as family.

Fast forward to the present day, Hunter and Bryan are still not on good terms. When Bryan was invited to do an interview with me, Hunter immediately demanded that he be on the interview as well, so he could tell his side of the story and defend himself. After knowing the whole story and seeing the text messages between the two, I couldn’t wrap my head around why they couldn’t just put their differences aside and move on. But that’s not what happened.

During the interview, Bryan talked about his background and how he got into bodybuilding. He was more of an athlete, and it wasn’t until he was out of school and had a good job that he decided to take bodybuilding more seriously. He did his first show when he was in college, and at the time, he was against using steroids. However, when he did start using them, he made sure to do it the right way, taking all the necessary precautions to make sure he didn’t mess himself up.

The conversation then turned to Bryan’s coaching career, and he talked about how he got into coaching and his fascination with learning. He didn’t go to school for any of it but picked up his knowledge from his own experiences and through working with other coaches. But the most interesting part of the interview was when Bryan talked about his coaching relationship with Patrick Moore. They had trained together in the past, but then something happened with the communication, and Patrick went with a different coach. They stayed in touch though, and about a year and a half ago, they decided to work together again.

Overall, the interview was a fascinating insight into the world of bodybuilding and coaching. But what stood out the most was the animosity between Bryan and Hunter, which was still apparent after all these years. It’s clear that they both have a lot of pride and that neither one is willing to back down, but hopefully, they can put their differences aside and move on.