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In this new episode with Cory Hageman we speak about fitness influencer Mike O’Hearn and his wife Mona Muresan. They have been creating multiple podcasts about HRT and how it can be prescribed through HRT clinics. They discuss who would be a candidate and how you can try to go down the natural route first before starting TRT. Mona says her test level is extremely low for her age and is considering using it. Does this mean Mike is not far behind?!

In this video, Cory and I discussed the pros and cons of HRT clinics, the risks associated with the misuse of controlled drugs, and the importance of understanding lab values in bodybuilding. Corey, who has worked with clients who have used various HRT clinics across the country, shared that her experience has been mixed. She has observed that clinics often overprescribe testosterone or other anabolic steroids, which can have dangerous side effects. She emphasized that it’s essential to be cautious while choosing an HRT clinic and to understand that these clinics are a business that is incentivized to overprescribe.

HRT clinics have become increasingly popular, with people using them as a status symbol. However, the FDA and the DEA regulations around controlled drugs are severe and cannot be taken lightly. They have been known to take down HRT clinics that do not follow the guidelines.

Corey added that women are at greater risk of being misdiagnosed or misprescribed, as HRT clinics often have nurse practitioners who lack the knowledge of female endocrinology. She explained that testosterone is much more virilizing in women than in men and can have irreversible side effects.

We discussed the importance of lab values in bodybuilding and how Mike O’Hearn emphasized cholesterol levels in his video. Corey pointed out that while cholesterol is an essential lab value, other markers like kidney function, liver enzyme tests, TSH, estradiol, and creatinine levels are equally important. She added that trends in lab values are crucial to understanding the state of one’s body and to identifying potential problems.