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The use of steroids in the world of celebrities is not a new topic, but it still manages to raise eyebrows and spark debates. In a recent video posted by Valuetainment Short Clips, the topic of celebrities and their use of steroids was discussed, with a focus on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The video starts off with the YouTuber expressing his confusion over why celebrities try to pass off their chiseled physiques and youthful appearances as natural. He points out that as celebrities age, they seem to only get better in terms of their physical appearance, and he attributes this to the use of hormones and maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

The YouTuber then goes on to mention that many celebrities, including Logan Paul and Jake Paul, have admitted to using peptides, which are considered a milder form of steroids. He then states that he loves Joe Rogan because he is not afraid to call out celebrities for their steroid use, as evidenced by his declaration that The Rock is definitely on steroids.

The video goes on to discuss The Rock’s past admission of using steroids and how he eventually may have turned to the use of synthetic hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone as a way to slow down the aging process. The YouTuber also expresses his confusion over how The Rock’s blood work and medical history have never been leaked to the public, despite being a public figure.

The YouTuber ultimately concludes that there is nothing wrong with using steroids or synthetic hormones, as long as it is done responsibly and under the supervision of a doctor. He also calls for more transparency from celebrities regarding their use of performance-enhancing substances.

While the use of steroids and synthetic hormones may still be considered a taboo topic in some circles, it is better if people who resort to using them do it responsibly and under doctor’s supervision. The discussion around The Rock and his alleged use of performance-enhancing substances only serves to highlight the ongoing debate around the use of steroids in the world of fitness and entertainment.