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Today I revealed that I have expanded my recording studio and added a new interactive display to help break down physiques and draw on them. This is a major investment for my channel and will amplify the amount, variety, quality, and engagement factor of content that I will be able to produce for you guys.

However, today I also reviewed a chest and tricep workout of bodybuilder Jamie Christian and former strongman competitor Eddie Hall. Eddie Hall announced a couple of weeks back that he would be diving head first into the sport of bodybuilding. 

Therefore, I provide my insight and tips on form and technique, pointing out some mistakes Eddie Hall is still making. I also discuss the importance of pre-exhaustion and isometric holds to really push as much blood as possible into the muscles being trained to incur the most amount of hypertrophy possible.

I discussed Eddie Hall’s physique and offered some advice on how he could improve his chest and overall appearance. Eddie Hall could greatly benefit from going on a diet to get his body fat much lower in order to get into better shape before beginning a bulk. This would help him respond better to training and diet changes, which could be especially important as he transitions from being a strongman competitor to a bodybuilder.

Eddie’s muscle definition and shape vs Jamie’s, stresses the importance of a proper diet and body fat percentage before bulking. Eddie needs to get in better shape before he can build his muscles, as powerlifting and bodybuilding require different techniques and training methods.

Overall, I offered valuable insights into bodybuilding and training, while also showcasing my new studio and exciting new offerings for all you guys, my awesome viewers. As I continue to grow my channel and brand, I am committed to providing you with as much value and content by sharing my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.