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Powerlifting prodigy Larry Wheels hits the gym for a training session with his training partner Sahar Rahmani. Larry displays his impressive strength and technique, putting in the work to improve his already impressive lifts. His training partner puts in just as much effort, pushing each other to new levels of performance. 


We start off with Larry Wheel introducing Sahar Rahmani in the video, where she tries to attempt a 1 rep max lift for the first time ever. If you’re a bodybuilder, I strongly discourage these training methods. Sahar is extremely lean and she mentions that 1 rep max training isn’t something she ordinarily does. However, this doesn’t intimidate her as she still attempts to do it, but Larry is there to save the day. 


When doing this, it usually doesn’t end well for Larry’s training partners, but Larry was there to help her. You can see Larry is very impressed with her powerlifting. The second time she attempts the lift, she is successful without Larry’s help.


Sahar Rahmani’s legs look amazing and her thighs look better than most IFBB Professional male bodybuilders right now. She has great separation and teardrop shape. She has a very impressive physique regardless of gender, which is rare to say. She has a pro card and her physique is way better than even Larry’s, as her legs and the shape of her muscle bellies can beat most of the men who are IFBB Pros.


Surprisingly, Larry actually saved the day this time, as I am usually talking about the person who gets injured at the end of these videos where they are attempting 1 rep max. Most of the time, they involve individuals that probably shouldn’t have been attempting them in the first place. But luckily, Larry was on point with his spot in this video. He was able to help her in the most perfect way possible.

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