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Robby Robinson and Mike O’Hearn are two iconic figures in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Both men have achieved tremendous success in their careers and have become known for their impressive physiques and dedication to their craft. What sets these men apart from others in the industry is that they are both natural bodybuilders, meaning they have achieved their impressive muscles and strength through hard work and dedication, rather than relying on performance-enhancing drugs. In this video, we take a closer look at the lives and training regimens of Robby Robinson and Mike O’Hearn, and explore what it takes to become a natural bodybuilding champion.


Mike O’Hearn’s diet is most likely amazing, but if you know any bodybuilder or retired bodybuilder, their diets are amazing as well. They eat all their proteins, carbs, etc. Most people don’t have these things in their everyday meals and most of them eat whatever is given to them. Bodybuilders and athletes usually eat better than the average human, but this isn’t the reason why Mike still looks amazing at this point in his life, says Robby Robinson. It doesn’t matter how well you eat and how disciplined you are, as we are fighting against the one common denominator we all share, which is your age. As proven by science, as you start to age and get older, you lose muscle, you lose the elastic in your skin, etc. There are a plethora of medical procedures and steroids for anti-aging. What do you think is contributing to Mike O’Hearn being able to look so good when he’s in his late 50s?


Mike O’Hearn’s form is impeccable and he’s disciplined with his diet and regimented, but we’ve never heard of Mike being injured, or in pain, which shows how healthy he is. However, as you get older, your strength will decline, your muscles will get smaller, and your body will deteriorate. Just because you’re lifting free weights and are as disciplined as you were when you were younger, it does not alter the factor of aging. Age eventually has side effects and catches up to you, and the only way to slow down that process is by taking medications, undergoing procedures, and the most likely experimentation and perpetual use of performance-enhancing drugs.    

Watch full video below.