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The infamous Liver King (Brian Johnson) went on the Flagrant podcast and explained exactly what happened between his former coach Vigorous Steve and Derek from More Plates More Dates. In this podcast Liver King spoke like a regular human and with honesty we’ve never seen before, unlike his persona “The Liver King.”

Liver King seemed honest about his mistakes and mentions to the Flagrant podcast group that he’s going to go natural. Earlier this month, he was exposed and confessed to having taken TRT, growth hormone, and peptides, but it seems like he wants to change his life around.

Liver King’s harsh decision to stop all these hormones could be because of Paul Saladino, one of the most popular carnivore diet activists, who is Liver King’s business partner and best friend. Upon Derek’s expose of Liver King, Paul Saladino spoke on the matter and said he is done with Brian Johnson (Liver King) in business and as a personal friend until he decides to change these things about his life. Is Liver King’s decision to stop TRT influenced by Paul?

Going off TRT could potentially be detrimental to Liver King’s life. TRT at 45 years of age with a history of anabolic use, helps maintain healthy testosterone levels. The extent of which is unknown since the amount of damage from his PED use is uncertain.

Allegedly, when Liver King found out Derek made a video about him, he immediately called Derek and spoke to him about it and said “thank you.” We never heard Derek speak of this happening. Why did Derek choose to leave this out?

Liver King’s drug supplier, ex coach Vigorous Steve who leaked the email and discussed the events leading up to Liver King’s confession was called a “big fat liar” by Liver King.
Liver King claims Vigorous Steve never refunded him his money and did work with him for a considerable amount of time. Who do we believe at this point?

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!