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What are my top 10 predictions for the 2022 Mr.Olympia competition?

At number ten of my list for the open mens bodybuilding category is Raphael Brandeo, IFBB professional Open division bodybuilder from Brazil. He is making his Olympia debut and with his new added size, amazing symmetry, balance, and proportions, he should be able to slip into the top ten.

At number nine, Ghanaian IFBB Pro bodybuilder, William Bonac. Since his injury, we have not seen a 100% bulletproof William Bonac. However, he has Chad Nicholls helping him, who also coaches Big Ramy.

Number 8, Labrada nutrition athlete from the United States, Hunter Labrada. We finally saw Hunter push his body to a new level of conditioning last week and he has an amazing physique and symmetry.

Next on the list at number 7, Nigerian bodybuilder and fitness coach, Andrew Jacked, who I believe is going to shock the world. If Andrew comes in conditioned, he will for sure move up higher on the list.

At the number six spot, IFBB professional bodybuilder, Micheal Krizo. He can easily be a top 3 guy if he brings his best conditioning with size & muscularity. From what I hear, he is an absolute monster and stands at 6 feet tall, ~270 lbs.

Number 5 spot goes to Nick Walker, Professional Open division bodybuilder. I expect Nick to come out like he did last year at the Arnold, which will be good enough for a top 5 spot. He is very consistent and never crumbles under pressure.

Number 4, the previous Mr Olympia, Brandon Curry, an American professional bodybuilder who competes in the men’s open bodybuilding division in the IFBB pro league. This may be the last Mr. Olympia we see him in. After seeing the updates from his coach and how much bigger he will be this year, he will crack the top 5.

At Number 3, body builder and 212 Olympia title holder, Derek Lunsford. He is coming off a win and is coached by Hany Rambod. Derek’s muscularity, shape, and conditioning destroys everyone on the list below him.

Number 2 is Hadi Choopan. Hadi has proven he is very consistent and works with Hany Rambod as well. All he has to do is repeat what he did last year and Hadi will definitely be in the top 3.

Finally, at the number 1 spot on my list for the 2022 Mr Olympia is Big Ramy. The Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder and 2020 & 2021 Mr Olympia. He looks bigger, harder, leaner and heavier and is no doubt going to deliver.

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!