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As the 2022 Mr. Olympia Press conference comes to an end, we have a lot of things to review! We’ll be discussing Andrew Jacked, Michal Krizo , Nick Walker, Hunter Labrada, Iain Valliere, Derek Lunsford, Blessing Awodibu and more!

During the press conference, Derek Lunsford spoke about what weight he will be stepping on stage at. Derek mentioned he’s around the low to mid 230s. This would put him 20+ pounds bigger than last year when he won the 212 Olympia title. As long as Derek comes in sharply with that size, conditioning, and “X” frame, he will for sure be placing in the top 6.

Hunter Labrada was asked about the social media controversies of his placing last year. Some people thought Nick Walker should have beat Hunter. To which Hunter answered that the only people whose judgment is of any meaning, are the judges that decided on the placement. The only way Hunter will be able to place the same or higher in this year’s Olympia is if his conditioning is improved as he was not as conditioned as he could have been last year.

Andrew Jacked was asked about his thoughts on his competitors and social media podcast opinions of him. He directly calls out Iain Valliere who is standing 4 feet away from him, and also Fouad Abiad who’s not even in the same room as him or involved in the Olympia at all. He finishes by saying that people will continue to “eat their words” and that the “Mona Lisa will be on full display”.

Iain Valliere is then asked about his thoughts on Andrew’s placement, to which he responds and calls Andrew out to strip down on stage in order to assess his physique. This is extremely bold of Iain as Andrew fully clothed basically dwarfs every single competitor on stage at that time. Iain believes he will be in the first callout this week. However, there is simply too much high level competition this year for me to agree with that. Iain will most likely place in the top 10 but unlikely that he will place in the top 6.

Nick Walker is then asked if he should have beat Hunter Labrada last year, he chuckles and says he believes he should have beat Hunter then. Just as Nick finishes answering this question, Blessing Awodibu walks on stage and calls Nick Walker out. Nick hilariously says “I don’t talk to people in the third callouts”.

Lastly, Michal Krizo walks on stage and reveals what his upper body looked like 1 day away from stepping on stage. Michal looks incredible. Andrew tries to brush it off as the press conference comes to an end.

Watch my FULL VIDEO below to hear all the details!