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IFBB Pro Nick Walker was a special guest on the OlympiaTV YouTube channel with Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Bob Chic and Terrick El Guindy. Nick expressed that he is very confident headed into the Arnold Classic and isn’t worried about his competition at all. Per Nick, Andrew Jacked and Big Ramy cannot beat him. He feels he will be $300,000 richer and add another Arnold Classic title to his name.


Jay Cutler went on record and stated that if you remove Hadi Choopan from the lineup and it’s Derek Lunsford vs Nick Walker, Nick would defeat Derek. Bodybuilding is all about matchups and if Hadi Choopan is not competing, Jay believes Nick can dominate Derek. However, we just found out that Derek will not be competing in the 2023 Arnold Classic. 


Nick Walker is taking advantage of this situation and he has nothing to lose. He’s going to gain momentum from this because if he wins this show, he’s going to be able to go into the Olympia with much more momentum than Derek. Even though Derek placed second at the Olympia last year, Nick qualifying early will give him a much bigger advantage over Derek. However, if Derek did this show and lost, it would kill all of his momentum. I believe Derek is thinking about potentially losing to Nick and that is scaring him away from doing the Arnold Classic.


The only pose Derek would beat Nick in is back conditioning, because of the muscularity of his physique. However, he doesn’t beat Nick in any of the other poses. Nick has got some very strong poses and the only reason Nick did not beat Derek and Hadi Choopan at the 2022 Olympia is because of shape. Derek matches up with Hadi much better than Nick does. Nick is overall the better bodybuilder right now.

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