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Professional bodybuilder and fitness influencer, Derek Lunsford, with over a decade of experience in the industry, has honed his craft and developed a physique that is truly incredible. In this video, we take a closer look at his training, diet, and supplementation regimen, as well as his mindset and motivation. Derek and coach Hany Rambod discuss why Derek will not be competing in the 2023 Arnold Classic.


When you’re a bodybuilder, you compete for money. I can’t stand it when people claim they’re not doing it for the money. The first place award for the Arnold Classic is now $300,000, which is why I think it’s crazy why Derek is not doing the Arnold Classic. The Arnold Classic title is very prestigious and definitely helps solidify your legacy in the sport of bodybuilding.


Derek is only in his late 20s and he has his entire career ahead of him. Derek placed second in the world at his first open show in the Olympia. He mentions that he’s a married man and it shouldn’t just be his decision, but his wife’s too. Derek also mentions that after the Olympia, he was very happy and excited and initially wanted to prepare for the Arnold. Derek’s wife gave him the green light as long as he was doing it in a healthy way. 


It’s not normal to be unhealthy when getting ready for a show, so this shouldn’t be an excuse for most bodybuilders. There is no sign of Derek being unhealthy at all and he had 20 months off, so I have to assume Derek’s perfectly healthy. Because of this, I believe it’s something else why he’s not doing the Arnold Classic. Derek’s ultimate goal is to win the Olympia, but how much more time does he need to become number one in the world? 


Derek just placed second in the Olympia. He did amazing with his first stab at the biggest show in bodybuilding. He almost won his first Open class competition after moving up from the 212 class. Why is he so worried about having enough time to make the necessary improvements to become Mr. Olympia? What is he so concerned about?



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