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Nick Walker, IFBB Pro bodybuilder and dangerous Olympia contender, has hired a new trainer, Jared Feather, to help him take his physique to the next level. In a recent video, Jared Feather is seen training Nick Walker in the gym, focusing on the chest and biceps. Jared’s approach to training emphasizes slow, controlled movements that maximize muscle engagement and growth.

Despite already winning the Arnold Classic and New York Pro, as well as placing in the top five at the Olympia two years in a row, Nick is still seeking to improve and learn from others. Jared’s training methods seem to be a good fit for Nick, who is described as coachable, humble, and focused on improvement.

Jared uses a cambered bar on the flat bench to help Nick increase the contraction of his chest and eliminate other muscles from taking over during the movement. This allows for a deeper range of motion and a better stretch of the chest muscles. Jared also emphasizes using the Smith machine for certain movements to allow for maximum muscle isolation and contraction.

Jared’s training approach is all about maximizing muscle engagement and growth by making each movement as difficult as possible. He encourages using one-arm bicep curls on a machine and leaning back to increase the degree of difficulty.

NIck is already seeing results from his new approach to training, which involves tracking all of his sets, reps, and exercises. Jared’s focus on slow, controlled movements and maximum muscle isolation is expected to yield even greater results for Nick’s physique.

Overall, Nick’s decision to hire a new trainer and take a more focused approach to his training is expected to result in some serious changes to his physique. With Jared’s guidance, NIck is poised to continue his upward trajectory in the world of bodybuilding.