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The world of telemedicine is facing some major changes, and many people are worried about what this means for their business. Today, Corey and I are discussing the potential impact of a new telemedicine law that the government may be passing. This law is causing concern for influencers like Derek from More PLates More Dates, part owner of Marek Health Telemedicine provider, who are worried that it could disrupt their entire business.

We discuss our personal experiences with telemedicine clinics and the risks associated with these clinics. While telemedicine can make it easy for people to access different medications, there is also room for abuse. Corey and I have both had experiences with clients who have been prescribed excessive amounts of performance-enhancing drugs, and we believe that there should be some level of regulation to prevent this from happening.

We also talk about the potential health risks associated with telemedicine clinics. While telemedicine can be convenient for some people, there is a lack of counseling that typically happens with an actual physician or endocrinologist. They’ve seen first-hand that these calls aren’t very thorough, and there is often an emphasis on upselling.

We also clarify some misconceptions surrounding the new law, which many people believe is new when, in fact, it’s a reversion to the way things were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, people had to go in person to see a doctor to get a prescription for controlled drugs. The law that the government may be passing now would require an in-person visit before prescriptions can be refilled.

We agree that there needs to be a balance between regulation and access to medication. We also discuss the administrative burden that the new law could place on doctors and telemedicine platforms, and the potential obstacles this could create for the industry.