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In today’s video we discuss the recent guest posing of IFBB professional bodybuilder Nick Walker in Utah this past week. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by Nick Walker’s presentation. Nick Walker’s conditioning and shape looked better than ever before.

Nick Walker’s presentation at the Arnold Classic was the best package I have seen from Nick, despite the fact that he fell short at the event. Nick fell short to Samson Dauda and ended up placing second in the Arnold Classic, but Nick’s consistency and trust in his coach, Matt Jensen, will absolutely reward him in the long run. Nick has so much drive, motivation, and potential, that is virtually unstoppable. This type of competitor is what makes the sport of bodybuilding so exciting!

Learning how to handle losing in life is very important for an athlete such as a professional bodybuilder. It is also extremely important to engage with fans and build personal relationships with them through appearances and guest posings. More than anything else, it is of the utmost importance to think ahead and plan for a career after competing. Engaging with fans and building a loyal following will pay off in the long run. Bodybuilding is a beautiful sport but you cannot do it for a very prolonged amount of time. One needs to focus not only on today but also on what happens tomorrow as a professional bodybuilder.

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