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Fitness influencer Tony Huge’s YouTube channel was recently deleted, and rumors have been circulating about the reasons behind its disappearance. Some people think he was banned, while others believe he may have deleted the channel himself. Is this in regards to the passing of Leo & Longevity? Is evidence being hidden or destroyed?

The truth is far from those silly speculations. The truth behind the deletion is that Tony Huge’s channel violated almost every single policy, term, and condition on YouTube’s platform. Tony’s content was often family-oriented, but in recent times, it has become increasingly bizarre, with sexual content and drug talk. YouTube is a private platform, and content creators must follow the rules if they want to stay on the platform. Creators who show sexually explicit or violent content will be banned from the platform.

While some of Tony’s fans and friends are frustrated with YouTube’s decision, Tony should have started his own platform from the beginning. Tony is an intelligent person who should have realized the need to create his own platform long ago. Tony’s content should focus on fitness, training, nutrition, and supplementation, which are more suitable for YouTube and other mainstream platforms.

YouTube’s decision to delete Tony’s channel was not related to a single video. Tony’s entire channel was in violation of YouTube’s policies, and the AI system could detect his content’s inappropriate nature. Tony and his friends need to stop wasting their time on these platforms and create their own website, server, and host.

This story highlights the importance of following the rules on social media platforms. It also emphasizes the need for content creators to create their own platforms if they want to share controversial content that may not be suitable for mainstream platforms. Tony’s story shows that even influencers with a significant following can be banned from social media platforms if they violate the rules.