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Bodybuilding enthusiasts were in for a treat as the Arnold Classic took place recently, but it was not without controversy. Nick Walker lost to Samson Douda in a surprising turn of events that has left many people wondering how it happened. Nick Walker had beaten Samson Douda at the Olympia only a few months ago, and he had also taken third place at that competition. Meanwhile, Samson had come in sixth. The question was, what happened at the Arnold Classic, and how did Samson beat Nick?

One of the main issues people have with Samson’s win is that he was not as good at the Arnold Classic as he was at the Olympia. In fact, he seemed to have faded considerably. While he came out guns blazing and looked phenomenal, he was not able to maintain that level of quality. By the end of the competition, it was clear that Nick was the superior bodybuilder.

Many people are also confused about how the judges arrived at their decision. Samson had a perfect score going into the finals, despite not being perfect at prejudging. Nick, on the other hand, had never led in the competition. However, he had beaten Samson in several poses, including the side chest, side triceps, rear double, and rear lat spread. Nick had also come in third for the most muscular pose, which is surprising given that many people believe he should have won that category. It is unclear what the judges were looking for or what criteria they were using to make their decisions.

Despite the controversy, Samson Douda’s win is still a major accomplishment. He had only just started his career, and he had been steadily gaining momentum. He took fourth place at the Arnold Classic last year and sixth at the Olympia. His win at the Arnold Classic this year is a testament to his hard work and dedication. However, if he wants to improve on his sixth-place finish at the Olympia this year, he will need to focus on improving his back, delts, and biceps, as well as getting his skin as thin as possible.

Nick Walker, on the other hand, has already qualified for the Olympia this year. However, many people believe that he needs to take a break and focus on his mental and physical health. He has been going non-stop for months, and he needs time to recharge and make more improvements before the Olympia.

Overall, the Arnold Classic was a great event, but the controversy surrounding the judging has left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. Nonetheless, it is a reminder that bodybuilding is a subjective sport, and what one person sees as perfect, another may not. Regardless of the outcome, the athletes who participated in the competition put on an amazing show, and their hard work and dedication should be applauded.