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Professional bodybuilder Sergio Oliva Jr has been detained in Dubai after being involved in a fatal car accident. The accident occurred last week when Sergio’s car collided with a motorcycle being ridden by a food delivery worker. Sergio initially went home after the accident and was not detained or charged at the time. However, several days later, the police arrived at his home and took him to the station for a drug test.

It is standard procedure in Dubai to drug test anyone involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, Sergio was unaware that the person he hit on the motorcycle had passed away several days after the accident. The police were looking to drug test him because of the fatality. Sergio is still being detained, and there is no bail system in Dubai, which means he will have to wait for his trial to see a judge. I offered to help Sergio’s friends and family but was told that there was nothing they could do at that point.

There is also a zero-tolerance policy for drugs in Dubai, and if Sergio tested positive, it could be significant trouble for him. The charges against him are yet to be confirmed, but they could potentially include involuntary manslaughter. Sergio was preparing to participate in the Arnold Classic in Brazil in a few weeks, which is unlikely to happen now. I attempted to reach Sergio’s friends for comments on the matter, but they refused to speak about the situation.

I am bringing this story to you in order to bring attention to the situation and hopefully help Sergio. Anyone who could provide assistance or advice please reach out. I will continue to update viewers on Sergio’s situation as more information becomes available.

This story highlights the importance of being aware of local laws and customs when traveling abroad. Dubai’s strict drug policy is well-known, and it is essential to understand the consequences of breaking the law in a foreign country. Sergio’s situation is a stark reminder of how quickly things can change and the importance of being cautious on the road.