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Ramon Dino has been crowned the new champion of the Arnold Classic in the classic physique division, beating out some stiff competition. The event, held just a few hours ago, saw four athletes go head-to-head for the title, but it was Ramon who ultimately prevailed.

The competition was fierce, with Mike Summerfield, Alex Cambronero, Urs Kalecinski, and Ramon Dino all showing up in great condition. Every single athlete deserved credit for their fantastic physiques, but Dino stood out from the rest with his perfect symmetry and amazing overall physique.

Summerfield, though not considered a top contender, was able to show off some impressive improvements and conditioning, solidifying himself as one of the best classic physique competitors in the sport. Cambronero, on the other hand, had won the Arnold Classic before and was not afraid of winning again. With his incredible conditioning and unbelievable package, he was a tough competitor for anyone to beat.

However, it was Urs who many believed could potentially take the title, given his young age and immense potential. Though he didn’t ultimately win, he showed that he has a bright future ahead of him in the world of classic physique.

Ultimately, it was Ramon Dino who took home the crown, with his complete and perfect physique. Though he still needs to work on his posing and presentation, his physique itself is flawless and has the potential to make him a very successful bodybuilder in years to come.

My predictions for the final placings are: Summerfield coming in fourth, Cambronero in third, Urs in second, and Ramon taking the top spot. However, anything could happen and my predictions are just that – predictions.

Overall, the Arnold Classic in the classic physique division was a great showcase of some of the best physiques in the sport. Though there were only four athletes competing for the title, each one brought their best and made it a close and exciting competition.