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Arnold Classic Weekend is one of the biggest bodybuilding and fitness events of the year, and this year it was full of excitement, including confrontation between two very well-known personalities in the industry. This confrontation had nothing to do with who won, who should have won, or anything like that. An incident happened at the 2023 Arnold Classic, where Shawn Ray was confronted by bodybuilding coach Chad Nicholls and his son Dom.

The two have a history of animosity, with Ray alleging that Nicholls had taken other bodybuilders’ lives with his coaching protocols. This is a very rough and insensitive accusation to make. During the meet-and-greet event, Nichols and his son approached Ray to discuss the issue face to face. The discussion quickly became heated, with the two men getting physically close, but no punches were thrown.

Chad Nicholls confronted him about the negative things he had been saying about him online. It seems like things got heated between the two, but no punches were thrown, and no one was hurt. Chad is unjustly being accused of something terrible here. If Shawn was a real man, he would own up to his bad mouthing and take it like a man instead of crying and making up lies that Chad physically hurt Shawn during the altercation. No punches were thrown and Shawn is exaggerating.

Personally, I dislike and cannot respect Shawn Ray. Ray talks a lot of crap about people, and he doesn’t respect others. Ray had a lot of enemies in the industry because of his behavior, but I hope that things wouldn’t escalate further.

Unfortunately, full footage of the exchange hasn’t been found yet but if you or anyone you know has that footage, contact me for a monetary compensation!

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