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Sergio Oliva Jr. recently announced that he wouldn’t be able to compete in the Arnold Classic Brazil due to a travel ban on his passport. The ban was imposed because of a car accident he was involved in a few weeks ago, and the case is still not resolved. Sergio is currently in Dubai, and he cannot leave the country until the issue is resolved. However, despite not being able to participate in the competition, Sergio expressed his desire to return to the Mr. Olympia stage, which he hasn’t been able to do since 2018.

During an interview with Olympia TV, Sergio discussed his inability to participate in the Arnold Classic Brazil and his plans for the future. Sergio explained that he had been preparing for the competition but could not participate because of the travel restrictions imposed on his passport. He also expressed his disappointment at not being able to compete in the show, which he hoped would help him qualify for the Mr. Olympia.

However, some in the bodybuilding community were skeptical about Sergio’s reasons for not competing. They felt that he should have continued to stay in shape and be ready to compete in case he was cleared to travel to Brazil. They also questioned Sergio’s commitment to returning to the Mr. Olympia stage, given his apparent lack of urgency in getting back on stage.

Sergio’s comments about the current state of bodybuilding and Mr. Olympia also raised eyebrows in the bodybuilding community. He claimed that the Mr. Olympia was easier to win now than ever before, a statement that many bodybuilders and fans found insulting to the current crop of athletes. Sergio’s statement was seen as disrespectful to the competitors who had just competed in the Olympia and the Arnold Classic and belittled their efforts.

Despite the criticism, Sergio remains one of the most popular and talented bodybuilders in the world. He has a massive following on social media, where he regularly shares his workout routines, diet plans, and personal life with his fans. He is also a respected member of the bodybuilding community, and his return to the Mr. Olympia stage would be eagerly awaited by his fans and peers alike.