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In the world of supplements and energy drinks, the battle between brands is never-ending. Recently, a controversy has arisen regarding the striking similarity between two energy drink brands – Gorilla Mind Energy and Ghost Energy.

Derek left a lengthy comment on my video about the matter which we will be addressing today. Derek, in the previous video, stated that he would like to compare the full ingredient panel of Gorilla Mind Energy with Ghost Energy, but it’s not available yet. He also mentions an ingredient that he had talked about in the previous video, which Derek had said he would do a breakdown on to explain its effectiveness.

The main focus of the video, however, is the striking similarity between the two energy drink brands, Gorilla Mind Energy and Ghost Energy. I pointed out that both cans have lightning bolts, brains, and multiple categories on top of the line with the text. The entire design is almost identical except for the number of categories on top and the bottom. I wonder why Gorilla Mind Energy would want to launch a product that looks so similar to its competitor, and why it would not want to be unique.

I understand the need to be like competitors to capture the same customers, but I believe that being unique and standing out is important. Some examples are Cbum’s and Seth Feroci’s JSTWRK, both of which have unique designs.

I think that the similarity between the two energy drink brands could land Gorilla Mind Energy in legal trouble. Ghost Energy is owned by a big company called Busch Light and has unlimited money, while Gorilla Mind Energy may not have that kind of financial backing. At the end of the day, it’s not about who’s right, but who has more money to fight a legal battle.

I also addressed a DM that Derek sent me, asking if I had a personal vendetta against him. I stated that I don’t care about the person attached to the brand, but whether the story is worth reporting. I create stories with good storylines and bring good stories to people that they find interesting, regardless of who is involved.